Standing Bow posture is my Flat Stanley.

I always do standing bow whenever we travel somewhere, but I never really thought about why. We were in Rockport, Massachusetts for a wedding two weeks ago, and as I got into standing bow, I started wondering why I was really doing it.

Sure, it’s more interesting than just standing there for a photo, but the bows never look very impressive. I’m not warmed up, I’m usually wearing jeans and I’ve often just eaten something smothered in cheese.

But, I recently realized that my collection of standing bow photos are really significant to me. It’s not just about doing something fancy while dodging the bizarre stares from by-standers – it’s the acknowledgement that I take yoga everywhere. Wherever I go, I try to maintain the mindfulness and balance that I strive for in the hot room.

Even when I am eating an absurd amount of gelato and haven’t done a backbend for a week – those yogic values of truth, presence and peace are still in the forefront of my life.

Those priorities follow me on a 19-hour plane flight to the other side of the world. They follow me through time zones and long layovers and into safari trucks through the most remote terrain I’ve ever seen. They follow me through too many beachy cocktails in North Carolina and over a freezing cold bridge in Prague just before Christmas.

And then, when I come back to the hot room, I proudly bring those traveling bows with me. I bring all those crooked, not warmed up, imperfect bow poses back to my home studio. I bring them home, along with all the other transformational travel experiences, and I breathe them in deeply, then I let it out slow.

And I’m grateful for every single one of them.

In Rockport, Massachusetts

At the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

In Tulum, Mexico

In Carolina Beach, North Carolina

On safari in South Africa

At Bass Lake, California

At the John Lennon Peace Wall in Prague, Czech republic

(Many thanks to Husband for participating in these yoga photo shoots all over the world. Even more thanks for ignoring all those photos in which I am falling out of standing bow- and which you, dear reader, will only ever see one of.)

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