Not all those who wander are lost.

– J.R.R. Tolkien

Standing Bow in Cape Town, South Africa

Hi there.


I’m a person in progress. I’m searching for a little inner peace amongst the chaos, whilst maintaining a strong sense of global consciousness.

But before we get all serious and downer-dog, please let the record show I am in favor of fun in general, with a particular fondness for irreverent comments in parenthesis. (Like making fun of myself for pompously using the word “whilst” in a blog bio.)

I’m trying to figure out who the hell I am. Here are some of the hints that I’ve found so far.

I’m a yoga fanatic and a travel junkie.
I’m married and childfree.
I’m a believer in living a shamelessly authentic and mindful life.

But more than anything, I’m a writer; nothing in my life feels real until I write it down.

I thought I might as well share my attempts at awareness – of both my inner and outer worlds – just in case someone else out there is doing the same thing.

Because it’s very reassuring when we realize we are all in this together.

~ Lisa

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21 thoughts on “me”

  1. HI! I’m just beginning my bikram journey (and blogging about it so I can see my progress on paper). Found your blog, love it, and follow it. Just wanted to say hello so as not to be a creepy gal hiding behind a tree.


    • No need to lurk!! I’m so glad you came out of hiding and I’m looking forward to reading more about your journey with Bikram. Thanks so much for coming by. Namaste!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations on such a well presented and usefully informative blog, and I’m also wondering if you would be willing to be listed in our useful links on our blog, The Therapy Book?

    Do let me know … and if you’d like to list us on your blog, all the better, although this offer is not dependent on a mutual exchange.

    All best wishes…. and keep up the good work!

  3. Bikram Yoga Burnaby (my home studio) put up one of your posts on the Facebook page… which led me to read it, love it, and proceed to click through *many* of your posts. I completely dig your yoga thoughts, and feel we’re brain-twins on that front. I’ve recently started my blog and was planning to write about my Bikram journey & thoughts on the practice. Instead, I think I’ll just direct people here instead because you say exactly what I want to convey, exactly the way I’d say it. LOVE.

    Thank you for sharing – from the bit of clicking I’ve done so far, it seems unfiltered & real, so well-presented, and makes me want to be friends with you. Thought I’d drop the warm-fuzzies your way, because they were already formed in my head anyways (and wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just said all the nice things they were secretly thinking about others?)

    Look forward to more,
    ~ H

    • Thank you so much!! You are so kind. I’m thrilled to know that you enjoy the blog – it’s nice to know I have a brain twin out there!! I appreciate the warm-fuzzies more than I can express. Thank you and Namaste.

      • Germaine Haberman said:

        I just came across your blog somehow ( my niece’s Facebook page>Bikram Yoga Main Line and then just there just now. I tried to retrace my steps and could not figure it out, but it does not matter. I am reading past posts and one reminded me of a reader board sign in my home town of Missoula,MT in front of a business which read: “Be Yourself…..Everyone else is taken”.
        I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to being inspired by your posts. I have being doing Bikram Yoga for the past almost 2 years, am 65 years of age and feel that every day is a new adventure. Thank you for what you write. It speaks to my heart.

      • You are so kind, thank you so very much. I absolutely LOVE that quote – I’ve put it up on my bulletin board in my office! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Hearing about reader experiences (especially one as beautiful as yours) is so inspiring to me. Namaste to you, my yogi friend!

  4. Hi there, I don’t know if you ‘do’ blog awards, but I have nominated you for one (details on my home page if you wish to take it up) as I’ve been really enjoying reading your posts.

  5. Hello Lisa!

    I just offered to gift someone their first week of Bikram yoga and came to your site looking for information to tell her.

    Thank you for all your posts and insight!


  6. Hi Lisa, love your blog thanks for sharing. I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, check out this post for all the details. Thanks, Kat

  7. Thanks for sending me the link to this site. I love it! I go to a yoga class every now and then and have taken a couple of hot yoga ones, but never Bikram. After hearing you blog about it, I think I want to try it. I love your posts, and I think we have a lot in common!

  8. Lisa– I own a bikram studio in Mpls, MN usa and I have just started reading your blog–love it! wish I could read the whole things and eat candy and sit on the couch all day! but alas-back to work. keep on writing! you are an inspiration. love from across the sea.–martha in mpls

  9. Hi! Just noticed there are ads on your ad-free blog? I’ve been reading for years and there weren’t before…

    • Hmmm. Interesting. I’m not seeing any ads on my end. I think maybe WordPress adds them on occasion – unless you pay to have them removed. Bummer. Maybe I can’t say “ad free” anymore… 😦

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