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This time of year, everyone is making resolutions and promises and trying to be improved versions of themselves.

I was talking to my dad recently about motivation and he was telling me that he just doesn’t get excited about working out.

He was shocked that I could relate.

“You don’t love going to yoga?” He asked me.

I love having gone to yoga. I love it when it’s done. The majority of the time, when it’s time to go to class, I’d much rather stay home and lie around on the couch.

We have this idea that the rest of the world jumps out of bed with an enthusiastic vigor, dying to go to yoga/Zumba/the gym/whatever. We think there is something defective about us if we are not that way.

I suppose there are those nutty people who are hardwired with that kind of pep, but most of us don’t fall into that category. I certainly don’t. Luckily, we don’t have to.

Because we all brush our teeth.

Oral hygiene in itself is not a thrilling activity. It’s not something I normally look forward to or get excited about. But when I’m done and my mouth is all minty and clean, it feels good. And what’s more – when I don’t brush, my life gets unpleasant very quickly. I do it because when I don’t do it, things fall apart.

I see yoga (and meditation) that way. Sure, there are days where I am dying to get in the hot room and each posture is a joy. But usually, the motivation is in the knowledge of what it’s doing for me in the long haul. I have seen the proof that it makes my life and my health (mental and physical) better in a myriad of ways.

So, don’t worry if you are not the cheerleader who is jonesing for the adrenalin hit. You are just like the rest of us.

But get your ass on the mat, anyway, because that final savasana is going to be awesome.

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