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Several years ago, when I had just started Bikram yoga, I was sitting on a bench after class, attempting to pull myself together after yet another challenging practice. My teacher yelled to me, across the room full of drenched, tired yogis.

“Hey, Lisa! You’re really good at Savasana.”

I was so embarrassed. I was good at lying on the floor like a dead body?

I laughed and did the thing where you look at the floor and say “thanks” under your breath but you are really looking for a hole to crawl into. I felt humiliated in front of other yogis who I thought were much better than I was.

What about the fancy postures where I’m balancing on one foot? What about the ones where I’m all tied up in knots? Why couldn’t she loudly and publicly complement those?

What I didn’t realize is that she was complementing my focus, concentration and ability to let go and not let my mind run the show.

She was complementing my ability to accept the moment, as imperfect as it might seem because of course, it really is perfect.

She was complementing the fact that I could joyfully surrender to what was.

It was a really lovely thing to say.

I just didn’t know it yet.

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