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It was 3 AM and I was doing yoga in my underwear at the foot of my bed.

I would like to think that the whole thing looked just like that Briohny Smith video. While the circumstances might have been similar, I can assure you that there were some significant differences.

Thus, there is no photo for this post.

My bouts with insomnia are rare – I happen to be a world-class sleeper –  but when sleeplessness hits, my mind takes over and things get really ugly.

Like many people, I struggle with the antics of my Monkey Mind; I spend too much time either reenacting the past or anticipating an unlikely future. It gets even worse when I’m still awake at 2 AM. My crazy little Monkey Mind turns into a 800-pound, pissed off, feces-throwing gorilla.

My body scan meditation wasn’t working. (Focus on my toes, breathe, all my attention on my….what was that weird sound….damn…the dog is snoring. Wait, go back, all my attention on my toes…I can’t forget to send that email tomorrow….)

I needed something all-encompassing, to stop the racing thoughts and flip-flopping body. I finally decided to get up and do some yoga.

It totally worked.

It was really simple stuff –  I wasn’t going to attempt Standing Head to Knee or anything that required balancing. I did a few spine twists, downdog, cat/cow, Half Tortoise, some hamstring stretches and child’s pose. Then I crawled back into bed and fell immediately to sleep.

By giving my brain something else to focus on and by moving the energy around in my body, I was able to change up the situation and stop obsessing about the fact I wasn’t sleeping – and finally get to sleep. That gorilla calmed down and left me alone. It was glorious.

Has anyone else tried this? Did it work? Did you placate the gorilla? Did you at least feel a little like Briohny Smith??

Sleep tight, yogis!

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