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I saw this totally stupid show on Bravo where rich people talked about the things that made them happy. Ten and a half carat diamond rings and Chanel handbags were high on the list.

It was fairly obnoxious.

I tried to come up with 10 physical things that made me happy and couldn’t do it; I really felt like I was reaching when I listed my immersion blender. So, I thought I would make a list of 10 non-thing things that made me happy. Much easier list.

Of course, there are non-yoga related things that make me happy…but I’m in a yoga mood, so let’s stick to that.

Top 10 things that make me happy: yoga edition

10. the quiet “thwap” sound my mat makes when I unroll it on the carpet.

9. drinking really cold fizzy water after class and feeling the bubbles go up my nose.

8. the first time I wear my cute new yoga bra and someone notices that I’m wearing my cute new yoga bra.

7. when a newbie is completely terrified but stays in class the whole time and then walks out of the hot room and proclaims “That was awesome!”

6. when I can meet my reflection in the mirror in toe stand.

5. when I walk into the studio and am greeted by my smiley, half-naked people. The Cheers theme song plays in my head, but instead of “Norm!” they yell “The Joneses!” and instead of beer there’s coconut water.

4. doing standing bow in exotic locations. (It does not make me happy when people in aforementioned exotic locations watch me attempt standing bow and think I’m a lunatic.)

3. when I’m living regular life and I’m reminded of lessons from the hot room. Things like “meet resistance with breath.”

2. taking a moment before savasana to thank my body for being capable of this practice, instead of bitching it out for falling out of Triangle.

1. walking out of the hot room, drenched in sweat and bliss. Enjoying that yoga high that comes from knowing that I used my English Bulldog determination and my Bengal Tiger strength. I did it.

What makes you do the happy yogi dance?

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