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We stretched the 4th of July into five days. This Canadian embraced the American celebration and it was glorious.

We went to a pick-your-own peaches place.

I drank beer at lunch.

I watched fireworks and ate vegan sausage with fries.

I drank four cups of tea on my front porch.

I did yoga. (Once.) After yoga we sat on the studio floor talking with other yogis for so long that we had to move on to a bunch spot to continue the fun.

I read while lying on the couch until I fell asleep. Then I woke up and read more.

I made brownies and ate far more than my share.

While I admit that I did a little Sunday evening pouting about my blissful little stay-cation being over, there is something that was very invigorating about the whole thing.

I didn’t need to go anywhere exotic. I didn’t need to do anything terribly exciting. I just needed to slow down and notice the abundance that was already around me, and enjoy it.

That, I did.

If you celebrated the 4th of July, hope it was a lovely one.

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