From the hallway of the Bikram studio in Palm Desert, CA

I’m back from California!

And, I have been flattened by jet lag. I never used to get it that badly, but this trip has flipped my brain upside down.

We had a lovely time, I attended two yoga classes (one Bikram, one “Hatha”) and had the best massage of my life. There was lots of chilling poolside with wonderful people and truckloads of foods I don’t normally eat. Top that off with a couple drinks at a gay dance club/tiki bar and you have a hell of a 60th birthday celebration for my mother-in-law. (Yeah, she’s cool like that.)

Since I am still too dizzy to be interesting or deep, I’ll just use this post to pop in and say hello.

I will also take this moment to let you know about something I am kind of hesitant to talk about, lest it seem like bragging; but I was recently profiled by Charlottesville Woman magazine. I’m honored that I was chosen for the profile and I thought I’d share it with you.

In the article, I talk about this blog, what it means to me and my writing processes. I wanted to share it because I’m proud of this little community we have created, where we can discuss the real, important things of life. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the minutia and forget the real reasons we are all here. This place helps me remember my priorities.

Alright. Now I am off to do some inversions so that I can try to find the right side up.

Namaste, my friends!

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