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Swiss chard. Yum or yuck?

I used to be able to eat a whole bag of Doritos for dinner and not blink an eye.

Now, I throw some garlic and olive oil on this leafy fellow and I’m in heaven.

Is it the yoga?

I know some yogis that still eat and drink like they did in college and they claim nothing has changed. But for me, my tastes are totally different; other than the occasional treat (mostly involving dark chocolate) my cravings have been totally turned around.

I love green juice now, something that even a couple of years ago I would have choked on. I also really enjoy cooking fresh, simple meals, whereas before I would have done anything to avoid my kitchen. I’ve always been vegetarian, but eat a lot less dairy these days because I just feel like it weighs me down.

Is this something physical the yoga is doing to me? Am I more sensitive to feeling like crap, because most of the time I feel so damn good? Or I am just falling into the stereotypical yogi lifestyle because I want to sit around after Bikram and debate the best kale recipes?

So, now I’m curious to know what it’s been like for other yogis….have you found a difference in your food habits since doing yoga?

And if you want to share your favorite post-yoga recipe or recipe site…I wouldn’t hate that…. 🙂

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