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*** We have a winner – Breepick!!! Congrats! Thanks to everyone for making the first giveaway a success. I wish I had shoes for all!!*** 

***This giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned – I’ll be announcing a winner soon!***

I got a request from Ahnu to do a review for a product and I was all ready to be all high and mighty and turn them down because I am all spiritual and stuff.

But then three things happened:

  1. I saw what they wanted me to review were these super cute yoga inspired shoes.
  2. I really liked what I read about the company, mostly their devotion to giving back and making charitable donations.
  3. They said you could have a pair, too.

Then I thought – I’ll only do it if I really truly like them. So, tried them.

And it turns out that I love them.

I don’t wear heals. I like to say it’s a result of my back injury, but really it’s because I think they are a torture device that were created to keep women in their place, usually hobbling three feet behind everyone else because they are teetering on six-inch stilettos that they have been told are sexy so they strap ’em on voluntarily and mortgage the house to get another pair.

Point being, it’s tough to find cute flats. Or, it has been tough in the past.

I love the fact that I can walk miles in these shoes without getting a blister and the very first time I wore them out, a random woman squealed about how awesome they were. They look adorable sitting at the door of my yoga studio and were perfect for my recent beach trip. I like them with jeans and love them with my long hippie skirts.

Photo courtesy of Ahnu.com

Alright kids, here’s how the game is played:

Leave a comment on this post to be entered to win a pair of Ahnu Karma shoes. To have an extra chance to win, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, subscribe by email (top left) or re-tweet the giveaway and leave another comment saying that you have done so.

The giveaway will be open until Thursday, at which time I will randomly chose a winner and you get some hot shoes, sent to you in your requested size from Ahnu.

Just FYI, this is not going to become a giveaway blog but I will consider talking about products that I would legitimately buy myself. I will be super selective and only choose things I think y’all really need to know about. Because this is a blog about yoga and mindfulness…but sometimes a girl still needs a cute pair of shoes.

Good luck!!

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