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Just now now: a photo representing the past week; a visual gratitude journal, of sorts.

Last night, I came home from yoga to see this sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains. I watched from my front porch and listened to the ducks laughing on the pond.

For a moment, my mind drifted away to getting worked up about what that guy said and what am I going to do about that situation.

But really — as I watched this gorgeous wondrous sky with my healthy, happy little family — who am I kidding?

This is awesome. And I am grateful.

It set off this chain of conscious choices based in gratitude and presence. Made a juice for dinner instead of foraging for a combo of pretzels and dark chocolate from the cupboard. I worked on my quilt and listened to music instead of getting sucked into another Bravo marathon. I meditated instead of messing around on Twitter.

If nature can do this phenomenal thing, the least I can do is not waste the evening.

Hope your weekend is awe-inspiring, too.

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