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I fasted for the moon day.

Wow – I’ve written some really hippy dippy stuff in my life, but I think that takes the cake. I really feel like I need to stop shaving and spend that extra time learning to play the sitar.

Once again, I am inspired by my yoga philosophy teacher. She fasts on moon days and says that the body is more able to detox at those times and the stomach benefits from having a rest from digestion. She says she feels more clear and calm when she fasts.

Hey! I want to be clear and calm, too!

Yesterday, I gave it a go. Here’s how it went.

7 am– Wake up. Remember it’s a fasting day. Go back to sleep for 30 more minutes so that I get an extra half hour of not being hungry.

7:30 am – Start the day with a big mug of warm water with lemon. Surprisingly lovely.

9:30 amMean Green Juice (kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, pear, ginger)

11 am – Feeling ecstatic. Thinking I should fast for 4 more days. Food is stupid.

12 pm – Apple juice.

1:30 pm – Headache hits. I’m likely detoxing. Or dying. Just want to lie down. In a bowl of fettucini alfredo.

2 pm– Carrot/orange juice. Perks me up a lot. Thinking I might actually make it through the day.

4 pm – Coconut water. Able to concentrate enough to get some work done. This ain’t so hard.

6 pm – Feed the dog. Room temperature Organic Turkey Stew looks really good.

7:30pm – Because he was proud of me (and felt some pity) Husband was kind enough to have a beet juice (beets, celery, apple, carrot, ginger) with me for dinner and not eat something delicious in front of me like a big fat jerk. For my part, I kindly pretended not to notice when he snuck away to inhale a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right before bed.

Interspersed throughout was lots of fizzy water and mood swings. It was kind of a roller coaster of a day. I wasn’t terribly productive and I spent an enormous amount of time thinking about the fact that I was not eating.

I did stick with the fast so that feels good, but I didn’t get the crystal clarity I was hoping for. I think I’ll try it again, just in case it’s something that improves with experience. I do really like this idea –  one day, twice a month, I am really mindful of my eating habits.

One other unexpected perk of fasting? Your kitchen stays really clean.

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