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Where we live is pretty suburban. We don’t have a ton of the natural world around us and while I’d like to have more, it makes me appreciate the nature that does appear.

Like this fellow, who showed up on my porch last Sunday afternoon.

The day before our amphibian friend came to visit, we had gone out to the country to look at a plot of land and dream. Husband, Dog and I stood amongst the rolling acreage and debated the ideal orientation for the kitchen window. A gentle spring breeze rustled Grace’s fur as she trounced through tall grasses. It was glorious.

This relocation is not happening any time soon, which is something that I might have found very unsettling in the past. I used to be one of those people for whom dreaming meant an inherent feeling that the present moment was inadequate. But this jaunt to the country allowed me to dream about what could be in the future, while also appreciating where we are now.

While country life appears idyllic, living further out means a longer commute, being farther from necessities (i.e. yoga), doing more work tending the land and spending more money we don’t currently have.

The neighborhood where we live now is new and easy and has a startling amount of sameness which is either comforting or disconcerting. Neither the trees or the neighbors have had time to really put down their roots and become established. However, having grown up in Victorian houses, having a working HVAC system and windows that are not painted shut is an exciting novelty. From our living room, we have a panoramic view of the town I love; the town where Husband and I have created our life together.

Of course I am momentarily stabbed with the desire to have my farm now, longing to stand in the perfectly placed kitchen window gazing out at the three-rail fencing. However, I soon remember the joy in loving and respecting the wonderful things I have now; like the frog on my front porch. Living here is fun now, maybe rolling acreage and a long drive to the grocery store will be fun later.

Dreaming doesn’t have to create restlessness, it doesn’t need to rob me of peace in the present moment. It just opens up the world of possibilities. I am finally learning how to dream.

What are you dreaming about these days?

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