My dad, golfing in Keswick, Virginia

When I was a kid, my dad had high hopes that I would be sporty. He is a talented golfer and tried to teach me. He soon realized I was more interested in crashing the cart into a garbage can and getting us thrown off the fancy golf course…so we moved on to tennis.

I wasn’t good at that, either, but I swung with passion. I’d pull my scrawny arm back and follow through to the point that my racket flew around and almost cracked me on the back of the skull. If I actually connected with the ball, my racket would twist and wrench my arm and the ball would fly all screwy through the air. That was tennis for me; it was bone shaking and unpredictable. I was fighting with every swing and I was suffering.

Then I decided maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath and with this one glorious swing, I hit the sweet spot. It was effortless. The ball flew straight and pure and I felt like I was flying with it. No teeth shattering reverb. No wrenched wrist. I was in sync.

I have those moments in my life, when I feel like I am in the sweet spot and I am doing what my soul was intended to be doing. For a fleeting moment, I can see my true self is steering the ship and I am not operating from fear or guilt or ego. Life flows with ease.

Usually, they are seemingly simple moments that evoke this feeling. Sometimes I get it walking out of yoga. Or writing. Or cooking dinner. Or walking my dog. Or sitting on my porch. Unremarkable things create this graceful moment, when I feel entirely aligned.

I’ve noticed the more present I am, the more often I have those experiences. They are still more rare than I would like, but when they do come, it’s blissful. It is the feeling of the universe giving me a quick pat on the back.

Unfortunately, no matter what I do, or how well I do it, not everyone will agree with my decisions and think I’m awesome. I don’t have a 24/7 cheering squad on the sidelines, celebrating me for following my instincts and supporting my life choices.

This is disappointing.

But that’s why I try to remember that those moments of being in the sweet spot are all the encouragement, support and reassurance I really need.

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