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Over the last few days, I’ve been juicing again.

I was inspired by the woman who teaches my Yoga Philosophy class. She fasts on moon days (which I learned means the full moon and new moon) and drinks only fruit and vegetable juices. She said juices give give her stomach time to rest and recover from its constant digesting. Fasting makes her feel lighter, more connected, grounded and clear. After having done a five day cleanse a few months ago, I totally get that. I felt that way, too.

I thought it was an interesting (and reasonable) thing to consider; fasting for just one day, every two weeks.

It made me wonder why there was dust on top of my juicer.

I realized I stopped because I was lazy.

Well. That’s unflattering.

What does that say about my commitment to my physical and spiritual health? It’s true; juicing takes work. Sure, it’s fun to shove all your produce in there, but then after you juice you have to clean the thing and its many parts. Dishes might be my least favorite housekeeping chore.

O.K., but is this really work? Like WORK WORK? Like building a pyramid or digging a trench is work? No. It’s effort. And if I say I won’t put in the effort to allow myself to feel like a million bucks – which is how I feel after a big glass of green juice –  that just sounds pathetic.

I feel like any self-care gets so quickly and cruelly labeled “selfish” by our society. In the high speed world of Twitter and texting, anything that takes longer than 30 seconds feels like a pain in the ass.

I needed to change my mind in the way I thought about cleaning the juicer. So, I’m now trying to turn the whole thing into a kind of meditation practice because I am allowed to devote the time to take care of my health.

When I have to clean the juicer, I find myself a nice hippy-dippy chanting station on Pandora (I like the Krishna Das and Jai Uttal stations) and I acknowledge that my effort is a show of appreciation for my body. I try to remember that it is absolutely acceptable for me to take the time to do this for myself, rather than just whip up another peanut butter sandwich.

But this is a great excuse to slow down and be mindful. And now I’m all excited for the next full moon.

(ETA: Check out the comments for a revolutionary reader tip that has changed my juicer cleaning routine!!)

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