I stopped by the Whole Foods the other day to pick up some groceries. It was lunchtime and it seemed everyone in town had the same idea. Through the chaos, I grabbed some broccoli and was heading to the olive oil section when I almost tripped over something.

Right there, lying next to the organic bananas, was a dog. A service dog in training. His person was there next to him, just watching him.

The dog was being trained to be still. He was still even when a screaming kid stomped by him. Even when a cart almost ran over his tail. Even when avocados were being unloaded over his head. Even when someone came to talk to his person and stopped the steady flow of treats.

He was learning to be still, because that is the hardest thing of all.

But stillness is the thing that saves us. It makes living in this world of commotion possible. Stillness makes it possible to see what is truly important. Stillness makes us alive.

I wish my mind would still so beautifully, with just the promise of some liver flavored snacks.

Good dog.

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