I was running errands last week. And I do mean running.

I was mindlessly dashing from one place to another, as one tends to do in December. Bank, post office, grocery store, drug store. Then, I had to double back and go to the grocery store again, because I forgot to get pumpkin for the dog. (Yes, my dog requires a large amount of pumpkin in her diet, but trust me you don’t want anymore details about that.)

So, I was going back for the pumpkin, cursing the inefficiency of the task as I pulled into the parking lot. Then, a live, acoustic version of a song from my favorite band came on the radio. It made me stop.

I took a breath and instead of racing into the store, I sat in the car and I listened to Lost in my Mind by The Head and The Heart:

I just sat in my car for a whole four minutes. I closed my eyes and sang along at the top of my lungs outside the Whole Foods.

And it was the most important four minutes of my day.

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