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Just now now: a photo representing the past week; a visual gratitude journal, of sorts. 

I do not find it enjoyable to spend money these:

This week I had to get new tires. Tires are important, for safety and all, but they are really damn expensive and it’s not an expense that is fun. It’s not like I now have something that really feels new or exciting. I just replaced something I already had and never thought about.

Plus, the guy at the car place was acting like a stereotypical guy at a car place, talking down to me because I’m a girl in a way that, quite honestly, made me cry like a little girl.

All and all, an annoying experience.

I would love to say that I trapped this whole thing in a cloud and let it float away. I’d love to say that I meditated on it and let it go and I didn’t let it steal my peace.

That’s not what I did. I got pissed off and pouted at the unexpected expense and obsessively re-ran all the sassy, brilliant and devastating things I should have said to the misogynistic car guy. I was no where close to my higher self. I was my lower self, and I wallowed in it. I ate a mountain of leftover Halloween candy and I let it ruin my day. I actually said to myself, “I’m too stressed to meditate.” Yikes.

Being spiritual, present and peaceful in the face of car repair bills is clearly a advanced practice. Oh, but this post is supposed to be like a visual gratitude journal…I guess I’m grateful for the fact that my almost bald tires didn’t crash me into a tree.

Yeah, that’s it.

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