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My husband with his dad, about 36 years ago. My husband is taller now.

Nothing marks the passing of time more accurately and profoundly than having family visit. J’s father and his wife came to visit us this week and brought some old photos.

Judging by a few fantastic details (such as the sweet, fat tie my father-in-law is sporting and the fact that my 6-month-old husband is wearing a Coors beer shirt) this was a really long time ago.

And yet, even well into our 30s, there are times when we forget that we are actual grown up people. I had to double check the math the other day when I realized I am closer to 40 than I am to 20.

I think it’s good to forget you are a grown up. I think it’s wonderful to be silly and play and not take things to seriously. It’s refreshing to have Beginners Mind and to look at the world as the miracle it is, rather than something I’ve seen every day for the past three decades.

This photo also made me wake up to the passage of time. Our stay on this planet is not infinite. Every age, every step, needs to be valued as the fleeting moment it is. You made be dying to get the the next stage or longing for the last one – but the truth is we will all pass through them as time dictates, regardless of personal preferences.

This awesome little beer-hawking guy reminded me of all that.

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