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A photo from the past week; a visual gratitude journal, of sorts. If you have a blog and want to play along at home, please share by linking to your photo in the comments!

Green Juice: better than it looks.

The past week, I’ve been doing the Reboot Your Life cleanse from the guy who did the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead film. I am none of those things, but I’d like to avoid all of them for as long as possible.

I am very grateful to have had this time to look after my wellbeing. My husband was out of town and so it was the perfect time to do a juice cleanse; there was no one muching on crackers to torture me. I ate super uber well, took baths with Epsom salts, burned incense, meditated twice a day, got a massage and listened to Gregorian chants.

It’s not that I can’t do those things when J is home; I do. I just tend to do them less frequently and with less intention. (OK, I do all of that except rock out to the Gregorian chants. The poor man has his limits.)

In the course of regular life, J and I have our habits. Not that I don’t love The-Daily-Show-and-cuddling-on-the-couch-with-the-dog routine. I do. But it was nice to change things up and participate in some deliberate and mindful self care.

I’ve never done a cleanse before, but I liked this one. After the first day when I thought I was gonna die, went pretty well.

How was your week?

PS. If you want to know what went into that juice in the photo – here ya go.

Green Juice
6 leaves Kale
2 cups Spinach
1/2 Cucumber
4 stalks Celery
2 Apples
1” Ginger root