A photo from the past week; a visual gratitude journal, of sorts. If you have a blog and want to play along at home, please share by linking to your photo in the comments!

In our town, we have a wonderful annual event called Meet Yer Eats, a day where us city folk can visit local farms and learn about what they do. We are pretty big into eating local around here and I am grateful that we live so close to the production of much of our food.

This year we went to a farm that had bees! The wax is used to make products like lip balm, and the honey is bottled and sold. (Check out Grubby Girl if you want to know more.)

The beekeeper talked about the complexity of bee communities, the epidemic of colony collapse disorder and techniques of honey extraction. If I weren’t so scared of bees, I’d totally want my own hive. They are super cool.

I loved the chance to be out in nature, finger combing a horse’s mane and watching the chickens scratch in the dirt. We sucked on honey sticks and stepped over cow patties and completely enjoyed the peace. And just as we headed back to our car to go back to urban life, the sky opened up and poured beautiful, nourishing rain. It was a good day.

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