A photo from the past week; a visual gratitude journal, of sorts. If you have a blog and want to play along at home, please share by linking to your photo in the comments!

Today, I am grateful for having company. My mother-in-law is coming to visit for the long weekend and I am reminded that it’s fun to play hostess once in a while. She is the good kind of company; the kind who bring their own reading material and think napping is an acceptable plan for an afternoon. So, I am feathering the nest, making up the guest room and making sure we have Company Food in the house. I even attempted to bathe the dog.

Everyone in my family and my husband’s family live far away so having them come visit is always a bit of an event. With fresh sheets and a handmade quilt on the guest bed, I’m excited to share our home. For a couple days, anyway.

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