You absolutely need to know about Summer Hits of the 90s Radio on Pandora. I thought I loved Pandora before….


I would recommend having some free space around you, so as not to inhibit the jumping and/or twirling that will be occurring. You also might want to be alone. Or at least with someone else of a similar ilk. (Someone who knows what you want. What you really really want.) The rest of the world doesn’t need to know that you still remember all the words to every Spice Girls song.

This music recalls such specific memories for me — of being a teenager in Los Angeles. Going to Rock N’ Bowl on Friday nights. Having my heart broken in a driveway. Watching a friend and his “band” play in a dark, poorly attended basement bar. Standing in line for hours to get into the midnight showing of the latest blockbuster. My best friend and I driving to the beach in her little white Jeep.

I barely recognize the girl who accompanies this soundtrack but I look back at her with such fondness. You couldn’t pay me to go back to those days but I appreciate that every good decision, every bad decision, every failure, every rejection, every loss, every single step I took, brought me to this moment. And this moment is a wonderful one.

So, just go listen. Like, immediately. And turn it way up.