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This week, I cleaned out my closet.

Exciting, right?

Actually, it was.

Maybe it’s just my deep love for de-cluttering, but it felt really good to take a giant bag of stuff to Goodwill.

I know everyone has rules about numbers of months a piece of clothing should go unused, or some complicated color analysis to determine clothing’s fate, but my BFF has a brilliantly simple way of deciding if it stays or goes. She picks up each piece of clothing and asks a single question – does this bring me joy?

The question is not:

  • Did I buy this on super sale and I might have an occasion to wear it sometime?
  • Should I keep it because it was expensive, even though it doesn’t fit right?
  • Does it remind me of something/someone/someplace?
  • Maybe I should wear it when the sweater-giver visits, even though it has a cat on it?

I simply asked: does it bring me joy? Judging by the number of empty hangers I now own, the answer in many cases was a resounding no.

And how lovely, to have a closet that is just filled with joy!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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