My dog is excited about her life.

I watch her wake up in the morning. She stretches, opens her eyes and looks around. She rolls around in the bed, feeling every part of her body wake up. She shakes off the sleep and looks at us expectantly, with bright eyes. What’s going to happen today?

Today, like yesterday and tomorrow, will consist of the same food in the same bowl, a walk down the same street with the same tree to smell. There will be the same toys to play with and the same couch to nap on.

Yet, every morning she can barely contain her delight for the new day in front of her. Perhaps this is one of the attributes of a rescue dog who has lived a hard life. She knows what her days used to look like and she rejoices in the simple pleasures of reliable meals and a comfortable place to sleep.

Or maybe this is just who she is.

She is someone who knows that joy is found within. Happiness is something that can be created and recreated by deciding to start each day with joy and a couple Downward Facing Dogs.

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