The last photo I took… before I fell in the ocean.

I am not graceful or smooth or unflappable. I definitely flap. I get flustered and thanks to my overactive tear ducts, I tend to cry at the first sign of something awkward.

Case in point: on vacation recently, I was walking along this stunning bit of coast line, when I had to step over a small bunch of rocks on the sand. Not an act of any athletic requirement, just lift one foot, then the other. But apparently I was not capable of that and I fell – face first – into the water, drowning the camera in my hand, in front of a group of sunbathers.

Now, the best thing to do in the situation would have been to gather myself, calmly pick up my water-logged camera (and my pride, were I able to locate it) and laugh it off. Was that the route I chose? Nope. I scrambled up in an attempt to pretend it didn’t happen, falling again, and burst into embarrassed tears, only drawing more attention to myself. The soggy camera part admittedly sucked, but did it suck enough to let it ruin a whole day of my vacation? No. Did I let it ruin a whole day of my vacation, anyway? You bet.

I’ve seen those people who seem to glide through life like Princess Grace, always with a perfect answer and a willowy motion. I enter a room like a herd of wildebeests and those same loud feet tend to go straight into my mouth at every opportunity. It’s just who I am, and while in some ways I need to just accept that, it’s nice to be reminded that there is another way.

Here was my reminder.

Okay so I’m never going to be as cool as the Dalai Lama, but I like to know that it’s possible to take a breath, and that laughter can be a good substitute for tears.

I’m human. I screw up. Let’s move on.

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