This is what got me out of my pj's, into the car, down the cold, windy street and to my Bikram studio this morning. 

Two years ago, in my pre-yoga state of mind, I would have found the whole thing quite discouraging. I'll never be able to do that so what's the point? I'm always going to suck compared to that guy. Why bother with something that I won't ever be perfect at?

But in my imperfection – in my practice – I find such peace. It's a process. And it's all mine.

What got me out of the house was the power of the inspiration that is all around us. It's about drinking in the beauty of possibility. It's about showing gratitude for the things that my body is capable of today. 

Because even though I might not ever be able to do Peacock, I'm still a yogi.

That's what got me to the hot room today.

So, thanks, Joseph. Namaste.